For Employers

Have you ever had trouble finding and maintaining interns and employees? Have you ever hired students who knew very little about the field in which your business operates and did not work out as long-term employees? This problem is in large part attributable to the lack of student opportunities to connect with professionals. At Unext, we have done extensive research to determine the cause of this problem so we can solve it. We allow students to learn about different fields of work firsthand and enhance their confidence about a career path before pursuing an internship or job. Unext allows students to pursue short-term opportunities like job shadowing that benefit students as well as potential employers. It also helps students get a better feel for a company before applying for an internship or job, resulting in mutual benefits of greater job satisfaction, and employee retention.

Our research determined that employers need connections just as much as students need insight. Employers are looking for new ways to recruit and find talent, and that is where Unext comes in. Unext is not a job board. Instead, we focus on long term employment through short term opportunities. You will have the opportunity to review information on college students including four-year colleges and junior and technical colleges, but Unext will be expanding to a broader range of potential employees in the future. After you are verified and finished reviewing your company profile, you will have the opportunity to connect with local college students.

With Unext, you will be able to search for students who fit your industry and company the best. On Unext, you can post a wide range of information about your company and opportunities like job shadowing, internships, job openings and more increasing the chance to connect with appropriate talent. We also relieve you of some burdens of the recruiting process by serving as a clearinghouse for information between you and students.

There is a huge recruiting gap for talent between small businesses and big businesses. Smaller companies may not have the time or resources to effectively recruit talent. We bridge this gap by giving all employers an equal opportunity to recruit from the incoming pool of talent. No matter its size, through Unext, your company can notify student users of opportunities your company offers and inform them of the benefits of working for your company

With Unext, employers will have the freedom to search for students that fit their industry and company the best. Employers also have a wider range of opportunities to post for students. With more opportunities, there are more chances to connect. This helps your business have more chances to recruit so you can be more informed about local talent.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela