Why Unext?

Unext offers more opportunities for you to connect with students. Unext is not like a traditional job board, as we allow you to post customizable short–term and long-term opportunities. Unext reduces recruitment costs, as we have a free account, and a premium account that can post unlimited opportunities for a small monthly subscription. Create a company page and start increasing the exposure of your business to college students!

Why should I post job shadow opportunities?

Job shadowing is a tool that is underutilized by companies. When allowing a candidate to job shadow, you have an in-person interaction with the student. This helps you get a better understanding of the candidate so you can make a more informed decision when considering that student for a job/internship.

Shadowing is great because it can help you find people that will be a good fit for your company. You want to make sure the person you are hiring loves their job and shadowing helps students understand what the job consists of. This contributes to higher employee satisfaction, which can reduce turnover rate, and increase company efficiency.

How do I get connected with students?

To get connected with students, you must apply your company to Unext. We will review the business and ask questions with a representative if needed. Once accepted, you need to complete a company profile. This is where you will post opportunities for students to see and pursue.

Who is Responsible for the student?

As soon as a student enters your facility, your company is responsible for the student during the course of an opportunity. We do not take responsibility for any issues that occurs in your work environment.

How do I login multiple accounts?

Unfortunately, Unext will have to postpone the ability to have multiple employer accounts login for one company profile. We suggest that you login using an email that multiple of your coworkers have access to.

How do I post jobs and internships?

On Unext employers can post job shadowing (to get more insight on the incoming pool of talent), Internships (to find local talent that is willing to take their future within their own hands), Jobs (to fill out vacancies with talent that is confident about their major and that has experience about organizations and fields), and last another posting (be creative and unique ex: Co-Op, tour, volunteer, class, etc..).

How do I increase my company’s exposure?

At Unext we aim to establish equality for recruiting college students between small and big businesses. There is a huge gap in companies when recruiting students, as schools focus on big employers that hire multiple students yearly, leaving out a large pool of companies that might fit a student's personality better. To bridge this gap, we allow all employers to increase their company’s exposure on the same level as big employers do.

How can I get in contact with students?

There are a few ways to connect with students on Unext. If you have a free account, you will only be able to make connections if students apply for your job shadow opportunities. If you have a premium account, you can make connections if students apply to opportunities like jobs, internships, job shadows, and other opportunities. Additionally, premium accounts can search and message students if they desire. On the Unext platform, all employers remain confidential. Your personal information will only be shared if you reach out to a student first.

How to limit job turnovers?

To limit job turnover, you must make sure potential employees like their career path and are in alliance with the culture within your organization. To ensure that candidates like their career paths, you must look at their experience within the field they are applying for and understand the ‘why’ for choosing that field. Once you see the passion and quality that they have for their work, you must find out if they are a good fit for the culture of your company. Candidates' will understand the culture as they spend more time within your facility. You will also get a better feel for them the more they spend time in your organization. At Unext we aim to help students raise satisfaction for their major, by allowing them to freely explore fields. We also push them to experience different cultures to see which fits best for their personality. This allows for long term recruiting and boost job awareness, which limits job turnovers.

How do I build my network?

You can maximize your connections on Unext by completing several different actions. If you want to maximize connections, take advantage of job shadow postings and “other” postings. Your company will appear in more searches if you have more opportunities to offer. Another way to maximize connections is by accepting all job shadow applications. If students enjoy their time with your company, they will recommend the opportunity to their friends. Lastly, having a Unext premium account will allow you to search for specific candidates. If a student has a public Hub, you can see their profile and message them if you desire.

How do I find talent quickly?

It can be difficult and costly to quickly find talent. If you want to avoid selecting the wrong candidate, you should build as many connections as possible before you even consider hiring someone. If your company has a new opening, you can contact students you previously met with. It is important to build these connections because you can meet qualified individuals before your company has a new opening.


Why Unext?

We not only aim to allow every student to pursue a job or internship regardless of their year in college, but we also deeply dive into the main problem; Students don’t have firsthand connections to their major of interest. We want every student to understand different career paths that relate to their major so they find the job they love. Start exploring real world experience by connecting with local employers and businesses to expand your network!

How do I complete a Hub Page?

Each student must complete 1 of 3 Hub pages. The more Hub Pages completed, the more likely the student is to find and land their ideal opportunity. Your Hub page is the way employers see the skills that you have that will fit their company. Don’t lie on your Hub pages because the employers will find out during a job shadow or a longer opportunity.

How do I connect with professionals/companies?

In order to start pursuing opportunities that employers offer, you need to compete 1 of 3 Hub pages, and put your class/work schedule.

Why can't I find an opportunity?

If Unext doesn't have your field of interest near you, notify us via email and we will do extensive research to find an opportunity. If you are declined for an opportunity, you should revisit your Hub page and visit career services to help you with your resume. The better the Hub, the more likely you will find the opportunity you are looking for.

What is an Exclusive Student Partner(ESP)?

Unext is offering every student a chance to become an Exclusive Student Partners (ESP). An ESP has opportunities to win some amazing prizes such as cash, a vacation, and even a scholarship! All you need is a completed Unext Hub. The more information, the better!

An Exclusive Student Partner is someone who can receive prizes for referring other students to Unext. It is simple to reach out to friends and followers to inform them about Unext. You have no obligations, so you decide how much time you want to spend trying to get references!

If you love meeting new people, you should consider this opportunity. Being an ESP will help you learn many skills such as marketing and communication. It is also a great way to meet and connect with other college students.

How do I become an ESP?

To become an ESP, notify a current ESP, somebody that works at Unext, or email us with a link to your social media. We will review your hub and get back to you if we feel like you are a right for the position

Do students have to shadow before pursuing an internship or job opportunity?

Students don’t have to shadow to pursue a longer opportunity, but it is strongly recommended. Shadowing is beneficial for both employers and students. Less training needs to occur if the student pursued a job shadow.

Why should I job shadow?

During a job shadow, you will be able to learn about a career through first-hand experience. Job shadowing can help you understand what a job/internship entails and the responsibilities of it. While also being able to learn about a company and its culture. This helps when students want to decide what to do after college or during the summertime. While being a resume builder, job shadows will help you get exposed to different careers, so you can make sure the career you are pursuing is right for you.

What types of opportunities can students pursue on Unext?

Unext allows employers to post job shadows, internships, and job openings. They also have another opportunity they can upload called “Other”. The “Other” posting allows employers and students to have more connections. Employers can be creative when offering this opportunity.

Why should ALL students utilize Unext?

Unext has businesses of all sizes, not just large employers. Since there is a wider range of industries, fields, and cultures to explore, students will be able to find companies that suit their needs. Unext also limits the amount of time spent applying for opportunities. Shadowing is advantageous for every student, not just those that are undecided. Lastly, connecting with a company helps you understand their organization. Make sure the company you apply to is right for you on Unext!

Is job shadowing important?

Depending on your major, job shadowing might be necessary for you to succeed. Nevertheless, the importance of job shadowing cannot be understated because it is extremely beneficial for all college students.

During a job shadow, you can learn about a career through first-hand experience. These experiences help you understand what a job/internship entails and the responsibilities of it. Additionally, job shadowing exposes you to a business which helps you learn about a company and its culture. During this time, you can make connections and network. While being a resume builder, job shadowing will help you get exposed to different careers, so you can make sure the career you are pursuing is right for you.

How do I decide what major to pursue?

Exposing yourself to different fields of work is the best way to learn about different majors. Gaining hands-on experience helps you understand careers that relate to different majors. Too many students pick majors without experiencing the field firsthand. This leads to a high turnover rate. Make sure to shadow different organizations and fields before picking your career path. Login to Unext to increase your knowledge about different careers. Pursue job shadowing and more opportunities by registering using your school email.

What is a job shadow?

A job shadow is when an individual, usually a student, spends a couple of hours or a day with a professional within a field of work. During that time one can get a lot of insight about a career and an organization. This is especially useful when making the decisions of what major to pick or what internship/job to apply for.

What should I include in the resume section?

Unext has 3 different resumes for the students to fill out. The more you fill out the more insight an employer will have about you. We recommend having a resume already written and corrected with the help of career services. Upload it into the resume section. We also suggest answering the Unext questions in a video format. This will help showcase your skills more in depth. Lastly, the Unext questions is for individuals that don’t have a resume already written. These are not preferred but they are another way to showcase your skills to employers before pursuing an opportunity.

How do I build a resume?

Start with templates and look at different resume’s online. The more experience and exposure you have, the more your resume will stand out (Log-into Unext to increase your exposure). Always explain what you've learned during opportunities. The more you showcase growth and life lessons, the more you will impress an employer. This will help you significantly when applying for an opportunity. Have your resume corrected and reviewed by career services, they are a lot of help.

How do I gain real world experience?

Log-into Unext to find short-term and long-term opportunities. Find shadowing opportunities to increase your knowledge about different career paths. This will help you find an internship and job opportunity that suits you best. Maximize your connections and get involved by joining Unext.

How do I find internships?

Companies are offering internships and other opportunities near you! Log-into Unext to start connecting with these employers to gain real-world experience. Quickly and easily apply easily and quickly to start expanding your knowledge and network.

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